1. cognitivedissonance:


This gif has increased my level of happiness exponentially. The more I watch it, the happier I get. 

Your cute cat of the day
  2. jcuttertv:


  3. hector-reptar-castellanos:




God damn
  4. jcuttertv:

  5. swiggityswagurfab:

This guy would survive a horror movie.

This guy would survive a horror movie.

Every single time this comes up on my dash it gets funnier. Like I just fell of of my bed from laughing so hard

He hit him with a lamp. 

I love his freedom pants.

im crying omg
  6. officialwhitegirls:

going on omegle
  7. fwentyonepilots:

    You know that one song in an album you always skip over and then when you decide to listen to it ur like well holy fuck me

    (via yer-a-blizzard-harreh)

  8. gymleaderkyle:

then where the hell tHAT BITCH GOING
  9. gentlemanbones:

Please add more unwarranted explosions to gifs. It’s my favorite.
  10. hardcorefishing:

me trying not to wake my parents up while getting a snack